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    Radio 88fm has no regular scheduled program such as most radio stations. We don’t have the human resources for that, but our constant Program Policy is maximum entertainment with minimum talk.
    Not that we don’t include talk when somebody has something interesting to say; for instance our guest presenters and guests.

    We have local people discussing current and local issues or delving into Castlemaine’s past and history. Our more regular presenters include Kevin Daw (KD), Ken White, Glenn Braybrook, Marilyn Bennet and Ian Braybrook.

    We have old time radio serials some evenings and provide handy advice and information. Then there is the music; a fantastic mix of popular songs from the 30’s to the 70’s – even a bit of modern style if it suits. There’s Country Music, Big bands, and a dash of comedy.

    If this sounds like your sort of radio you’ll love Radio 88fm.

    Tune in and be surprised.

    If you know of an interesting individual, especially local, who would have a story to tell and like the opportunity to do so, we would love to have them come in and go to air with Ian. Contact us.


    Marilyn Bennet and Di Morrisey doing an interview for local seniors radio.

    It was wonderful to meet and interview one of Australia’s top selling novelists. I just love her books. The work she puts into her research is just so good. Stay tuned to radio88fm to hear the interview.