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    About Radio 88fm Castlemaine

    Music you remember.

    Give yourself a surprise.

    Radio 88fm was originally established in 2005 by Ian Braybrook and Marilyn Bennet as a service aimed at seniors. It filled the gap as they went about establishing Community Radio Station, WMAfm. It was exceptionally successful and provided a great training ground for presenters who would later move to WMAfm.

    These days it continues in the same great music style, with the addition of considerable information of value to seniors, hospital patients, hostel residents, carers and disabled.

    It is also hugely popular with large numbers in the general community.

    Radio 88fm is low powered and therefore only available to the principal area of Castlemaine, with ‘spill over’ into certain other areas. It is also available on the net via streaming and has an impressive Australia and world-wide audience.

    Much of the programming is automated but there are news services, weather forecasts and regular live broadcasts by a small number of experienced people. Generally they announce and discuss matters of interest and current events to the older community, frequently with special guests.

    Of course, Radio88fm isn’t for everyone, but many local people tune in every day.

    Give yourself a surprise, tune to 88fm.

    Free Service
    Don’t forget that Radio 88fm offers not-for-profit groups, organisations and certain individuals free Community Service Announcements. All you need do is email us the information and we do the rest – free.
    Email us with details and instructions. But remember, it must be not-for-profit.